Matthew Scerri

Wildlife & Motorsport photographer based in Malta.


My journey in photography started back in 2008. It was something I started doing purely from a recreational perspective, but over time it progressed into something I take more seriously.

I specialise in two areas: Wildlife, and Motorsport. Both have been a passion of mine since early on in life. Photography is my gateway to enjoying and sharing my passion with others.

While to many they might seem a world apart there are still common elements between the two: Planning in advance, possessing a deep understanding of the subject, and perseverance to get that split-second moment.



Wildlife photography sees me travel all over the globe, from Africa and Asia to South America in search of predators such as the Big Cats, and Birds.

Learning about the subject's behaviour to help you get the shot is a challenge I cherish.

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While Malta boasts a number of Motorsport enthusiasts, the local scene has always been faced with limitations. As a result, my ultimate goal as far as Motorsport photography is concerned is to help local organisations and individuals get noticed.

Since 2011, I've been doing photography on a voluntary basis for the Malta Motorsport Federation - the local FIA affiliated federation which many organisations form part of. While I do take photography of events and meetings they organise with high profile, my real passion lies with photographing cars and their drivers in a competitive environment

Over the years I have covered various national and international events, with photos getting published by various local and international media. In 2014, I also covered the Italian FIA F4 Championship following the season with a local competitor.

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